Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Ashley Furniture Home Store has updated on tricks that would help use the fiery color, red in an interior that does not make it look overboard. Kris Woodcock, VP of merchandising explained that when red is used in the right way, it summons people into a room rather than overwhelming them. He suggests pairing this color with other colors that can help create an array of different looks, from sophisticated and chic, to earthy to playful.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore has created four red-hot color combos that make it easier than ever to give your home the red carpet treatment:

1. Red + Black. This classic combo conjures up boxes of rich chocolate, especially when combined with gold. (Both red and black are dark colors; gold adds a much-needed lighter touch.) In case you don’t favor gilded interiors, use a muted camel or straw instead of gold to create a more casual space.

2. Red + Brown. This exotic combo recalls far-flung places and hand-crafted artifacts. Since most browns are just a muted version of red or orange, this mix is harmonious and cozy. If you like this look, just be sure to choose reds with warm, orange undertones.

3. Red + White. This domestic combo evokes images of gingham curtains and the lining of a picnic basket! But this combo can be sleek and modern, too. White is spare and light, red is gutsy and dark. Together, this dynamic duo can be as chic as black and white if both colors are used as solid blocks of color, and patterns kept geometric and modern.

4. Red + Orange. This unexpected combo proves once and for all that these two hues don't clash. The key is to keep both of these warm hues similar in value, or 'grayness.'

Source: Market Wire


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