Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Janette Ewen on Canadian Furniture Industry

Janette Ewen the celebrity décor and lifestyle expert, born in Oakville, Ontario now lives in Toronto, Ont., Canada. After working in a number of magazines Ewen moved to television. Currently working as a co-host with Ty Pennington on Inside the Box, Ewen can rightly be described as the spokesperson for Canadian furniture industry.

FAW: You have worked on almost all the modes of media, which one for you is the most comfortable and according to you apt for the furniture and design industry?

Janette Ewen:I love working on TV, I feel like I can really connect to my viewer and bring my spaces to life. I like to bring a personal style to my designs and being able to talk “real time” about those designs and the furniture and manufactures I work with, just feels so natural and honest.

FAW: ‘Celebrity designer’ – how does it work for the industry?

JE:Ha! I’m still a little uncomfortable with that title or term. I think it applies to any of us who have translated our designs to TV and really reached a larger audience. I think it’s good for the industry on a whole as it draws awareness to the world of design and the importance of things we value, in my case that includes Quality Canadian Furniture.

FAW: Your take on the Canadian furniture.

JE: I love Canadian furniture, the designers and manufacturers. I work a lot with them and there is such a level of quality, care and sincere craftsmanship, it’s so rare to find that. I love the originality of the designs; it’s a beautiful blend of North American design and European style.

FAW: How do you think the Canadian designers and manufacturers can keep up with the rapidly changing international design parameters?

JE:I think they can keep up and raise the bar through their quality, eye for detail and use of unique materials. I think that Canadian manufacturers are so committed to creating a quality product with strong design lines that their work really speaks for itself, it doesn’t need to compete, it just quietly stands above.

FAW: You’ve mentioned in your blog that your design Muse is your perspective of the world. What have attracted you recently?

JE: Lately I am so inspired by landscapes, especially on the west coast and in rural California. This past summer, I was lucky enough to have a friend take me to so many amazing places throughout California (Big Sur, Yosemite, San Luis Obispo) my friend was like a personal tour guide, showing me amazing rugged landscapes, breathtaking vistas... It refreshed my love of nature, the outdoors and the importance it plays in design (as a reference and inspiration). As I get older I realize more and more that people, their experiences and their wiliness to share their passions with me are what inspire me and fuel my creativity. I think dynamic people are becoming my muses…

FAWShare your trend predictions for the season.

JE: My top trend for the season, rural-rustic cowboy style, byzantine glamour (super over the top), Sahara-desert inspired color schemes, 1920’s lounge (think of a prohibition era speakeasies), an overall Hitchcock-mood in living spaces, geometric patterns (very pop, 1960’s).


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