Thursday, February 16, 2012


Innovative direct marketing executive, Jeff Horowitz, has been named to the furniture industry board, known as the Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Association (GMFA). Jeff Horowitz, president and CEO of LS Direct Marketing, will be part of the GMFA's newly created Board of Directors. Jeff will serve the board as part of their membership committee.

Jeff Horowitz brings both retail experience and marketing expertise to the board. He served ten (10) years as the Vice President of Suffern Fine Furniture, a store his family owned and operated for nearly seven decades, before opening his own marketing business in 1997. Now nearly 15 years later, LS Direct Marketing is the #1 provider of customized direct mail for North America’s furniture industry.
Jeff, along with his business partner Chris Knoebel, and the entire team of LS Direct Marketing provide over 1,000 clients solutions to keep customers, find new ones, build enduring loyalty, and recapture lost buyers using data driven design. “I’ve been on both sides of the equation as a retailer and a service provider, so the solutions my company builds come from a 360-degree marketing perspective. When it comes to serving the GMFA, I’m pleased to be focused on membership development. Merging the NY and NJ home furnishings groups is the right move and is in pace with furniture industry trends. Working as one, GMFA hopes to better the services and benefits we offer our colleagues.”


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