Friday, March 02, 2012


20-20 Technologies Inc., a specialist in 3D interior design and furniture manufacturing software, announced a strategic alliance with Interiorvista Decoracion Digital S.L. 20-20 will market and sell Interiorvista's applications worldwide with exclusivity in the United States and Canada as well as in the United Kingdom. The partnership will deliver a series of initiatives to enhance the sales activities of the design and furniture industries as well as the way their respective products are configured, presented and sold.

"The partnership with Interiorvista is an important step forward in 20-20's recently implemented partnership strategy," said Jean-François Grou, 20-20's Chief Executive Officer. "Interiorvista's leadership and expertise will allow 20-20 to serve our customers better by offering them the extended set of tools they need to engage consumers in an innovative and interactive manner. The added bonus is that our customers will also be able to use this technology to reduce their costs while leveraging their 20-20 catalog assets."

20-20 provides software solutions tailored specifically for the interior design and furniture industries that integrate all functions of the process, from design to manufacture, including a 3D space planning application. Interiorvista specializes in computer generated images (CGIs) and other interactive applications. By combining their respective technologies, 20-20 and Interiorvista can create an environment where kitchens, for example, can be visualized and accessed through a variety of formats including the web, mobile applications and interactive kiosks.

Other benefits of the partnership include the introduction of computer generated images (CGIs) to the interior design and furniture manufacturing industries. This partnership will enable 20-20 to introduce its customers to a new way of making catalogs and related marketing materials - by using lower cost photo-realistic CGIs instead of photography.

"This alliance will truly help Interiorvista add more value to our existing applications and will allow us to address new, untapped markets," said Enrique Pont, General Manager at Interiorvista.

Source: Canada News Wire


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