Friday, March 16, 2012


Launching their latest national campaign to coincide with “May is Better Sleep Month,” the BSC is reaching out through traditional and new media to tell consumers that quality time with their mattresses is more important than they may think.

“In our manic, overworked, overstressed, sleep-deprived world, people aren’t spending enough time with their mattresses, which means they’re falling asleep somewhere else,” says Karin Mahoney, communications director for the BSC. “And if you’re cheating on your mattress, you’re cheating yourself out of a better life.”
The BSC’s “Stop Sleeping Around” campaign will feature photos, videos and testimonials from people who have fallen asleep in strange and embarrassing places. Data from a national consumer survey will highlight some of the bizarre places Americans have laid their heads, and campaign materials will remind people that better time with their mattresses leads to better quality of life.
“Despite knowing how important a good night’s sleep is to their overall health, people ‘cheat’ on their mattresses all the time, leaving them to fall asleep in other, less desirable places,” said Mark Quinn, BSC Chairman. “The ‘Stop Sleeping Around’ campaign will encourage people to confess their infidelities as they pledge to spend time with the true hero of sleep: the mattress.”

The national campaign will combine traditional media outreach with a social media component to reach “cheating” consumers and remind them that a better night’s sleep starts with a better relationship with their mattress. Humorous depictions of people “sleeping around” will encourage consumers to submit videos and photos of their own, shedding light on those who are cheating themselves out of a better night’s sleep on a mattress.

“Catch a family member sleeping in the car? A friend dozing off at a social event? The BSC wants to see it,” said Quinn. “Then we can remind them that they can avoid these situations by getting better sleep on a high-quality mattress and improve their short-term and long-term health.”


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