Tuesday, April 03, 2012


The recession of the 2008-09 had had great effect on the building and interiors industry, sums ASID (American Society of Interiors Designers) in its report “Interior Design- In The New Economy”. The mantra “think mean, lean and green” replaced the previous decorum in design industry which yearned opulence. Focus was now consigned on revenue by adopting cost cutting measures and using ecologically sourced and safe materials.

The design industry which had creativity ruling its periphery included profit making and environmental awareness among its deciding factors. The role of the design industry is expected to evolve with its expanse and any change in economy. ASID’s industry trend report for the design industry in 2012 indicates bigger roles for the sector. Interior designers will play an expanding role in addressing critical environmental and societal challenges in such areas as aging, wellness and healthcare, education and urbanization.

“There is no doubt that uncertainty in the financial markets and shifting socio-economics will continue to have implications for the interior design industry,” says Randy Fiser, executive vice president and CEO for ASID. “However, from the types of buildings people will need, to the types of services they will seek, there are boundless opportunities for designers who recognize these changes, adapt and plan for the future.”  

The association in its 2012 Environmental Scanning Report has updated that design is being to address society challenges. Alice Rawsthorn, wrote in her article for The New York Times - “There have been few moments in history when design has faced so many challenges and opportunities, and when the rest of the world has been as amenable to allowing designers to tackle them”. The designers while giving an outlet to their thoughts face challenges such as addressing environmental crisis, incorporating scientific advancements and tackle urgent issues such as poverty, aging and unemployment.

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