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Ashley Furniture is with hottest colour trends for 2012-13. As a furniture manufacturer, the largest in the United States, Ashley Furniture HomeStore is with a new hue.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore's 2012-13 color trends reflect a little of all of that. They reveal something else, too. Consumer color tastes are getting more sophisticated. Even neutral hues are moving beyond beige, gray and taupe to hues with complex undertones. Some of the trendy colours are:

•    Linen - The trend to linen as a color is being driven by all things casually
            elegant -- conjuring up nostalgic French laundry style, fabrics from a
            Belgian chateau or homes in southern France. Linen as color or texture
            is luxurious and unaffectedly natural. As a hue, linen recalls its
            namesake's most popular shade; a warm cream color that feels nostalgic
            and organic, whether mixed with soft floral patterns and stripes, like
            Ashley's Pia-Linen Sofa, or left perfectly alone.
•    Citrus & Kiwi - With global warming, farm-to-table cuisine and a
            healthier environment all hot-button topics, green has stayed at the
            forefront of both our eco-conscience and our home's decor.
•    Russet -  A quiet russet color, like the one used in
            Ashley's Milano-Russet King Comforter Set, is a stunning alternative
            to the ever-popular red sofa. With plenty of depth, it's ideal for
            home decor; both irresistibly inviting and instantly able to warm
            a room. Pair with other fall-inspired colors for accents.
•    Steel -  A few things are driving the gray trend today, including chic
            car finishes and all those steel-colored technical gadgets in our
            lives.  Gray can be cool, professional, objective and
            uncomplicated, the color of corner offices and city concrete. It can
            also be warm and natural and mature, the color of weathered beach
            boards and a life well lived.

As for the ongoing pallet of hot-selling colors, it is clear that earth tones have taken root in our homes and won't be leaving anytime soon. Ashley Furniture will continue to mesmerse with hues such as chocolate, clay, antique and mocha expected to remain popular choices into 2013.

SOURCE: marketwire



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