Saturday, May 19, 2012


April 26 marks the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day, a day in honor of visionary innovators and designers who have come above the ordinary to create something new. Every year intellectual property (IP) Offices and associations, across the world organize numerous activities on the day to educate and create greater understanding about the role of intellectual property. World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO Director General Francis Gurry describes intellectual property as an empowering mechanism to address the challenges of competing interest which surround innovation and cultural creation

Intellectual property is the intangible work done by a designer or innovator, to create a unique design. The designer has the complete rights over his intellectual property and he/she can get a patent for the design created. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) defines design as the visual ornamental characteristics embodied in, or applied to, an article of manufacture. It elaborates in its definition that since design is manifested in appearance; the subject matter of a design patent application may relate to – a) the configuration or shape of an article, b) the surface ornamentation applied to an article, c) the combination of configuration and surface ornamentation.  A design for surface ornamentation is inseparable from the article to which it is applied and cannot exist alone. It must be a definite pattern of surface ornamentation, applied to an article of manufacture.


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