Thursday, June 28, 2012


The High Point Market has partnered with Trade Only Design Library (TODL) to create the High Point Market Residential Library, a unique online database with interactive and branding capabilities to connect home furnishings industry insiders. All exhibitors at the fall High Point Market – held Oct. 13-18 – will be included in the High Point Residential Library, found exclusively on

The trade-only home resource will be accessible to all High Point Market registrants, exhibitors, and media, providing access to the industry’s only product-level specification database.

“The new partnership with TODL is yet another way that the High Point Market connects exhibitors with buyers and interior designers,” says Cheminne Taylor-Smith, vice president of marketing for the High Point Market Authority. “We are very excited to work with TODL to provide opportunities for Market exhibitors to create new relationships, maintain existing clients, and to grow their brands.”

TODL is the design industry’s largest product research and specification library online or in print, and is accessible only by trade professionals. As a source of detailed trade information, TODL requires fewer calls and clicks to get the specification information interior designers and retail purchasers need to make decisions quickly.

All High Point Market exhibitors will receive a free Interactive Brochure in the Library specifically designed to facilitate 24/7 interaction and commerce with existing TODL members and High Point Market registrants. The brochures include company description, logo, website, showroom location, product and installation images, and will be branded with a High Point Market badge to distinguish them in relevant searches.

In addition to providing exhibitors with enhanced visibility within the High Point Residential Library, the site can also be used to create interactive product brochures and to connect with TODL’s 65,000-plus design trade members.

A High Point Market branded section will showcase every exhibitor and their showroom location, and every member’s “Your Studio” login landing page will feature the Market’s tab leading members directly to the section. Display ads that promote High Point Market will directly link to the branded section and to Market’s online registration.

“Joining forces with High Point Market allows us to create an all-encompassing experience both during the show and after,” says Stacey Tiveron, TODL founder. “Attendees can take their in-person experience one step further by utilizing TODL’s ability to provide resources for any stage of the design process—planning, execution, and beyond. The relationship between manufacturer and designer grows exponentially, while at the same time becoming increasingly simple and convenient.”


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