Monday, July 16, 2012

Edgar Blazona: Blazes Ahead

A person embodying talents of a builder, architect and a designer, Edgar Blazona has left a trail of achievements behind which is no less than a manuscript for any upcoming designer. Family was always a support; both his parents were in the construction business and shared an eye for design.

Edgar who is now known for his outstanding modern structures and furniture designs began his dream career at the age of 22, however, designing became his source of income when he was just 19. He explains, “When I was about 19, I got my first apartment. I had no furniture, or anything for that matter. I decided what every bachelor needs is a dining table and chairs. After going to some of the big name retailers where I just couldn't afford anything, I decided I would have to make it myself. I got a welder and taught myself to weld. I made a dining chair and small dining table. Shortly after, while cruising around San Francisco, I found a cool gallery selling handmade objects and art. After talking to the owners for a while, I told them about my tables and chairs. They wanted to take a look so I came back a few days later to show them my work. They offered to sell it for a pretty big price; a lot more than what it cost me to make it. And within 3 days, the pieces were sold. I realized that there was a way to make money in furniture.”

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