Friday, September 28, 2012

Enhanced Exhibition Experience At Gift + Home At Las Vegas Market

The winter session of Gift + Home at Las Vegas from January 28-February 1, 2013 at World Market Center Las Vegas will enhance the experience with ten distinct product sections.  Designed to facilitate the buyers’ shopping and sourcing experience, the market’s first such categorization will feature: GIFT, GLOBAL, GOURMET, HOME, MADE, STYLE, TEXTILES, TREND, VINTAGE and CARRY!.

“This new categorization of the Gift + Home temporary exhibits is another component of the market’s overall reorganization strategy and will position Las Vegas as the industry’s premier Western US marketplace,” said Dorothy Belshaw, president of Gift + Home Décor, International Market Centers.”

With this change, Gift + Home at Winter Las Vegas Market will dedicate two floors of World Market Center's Building C – C4 and C5 – to curated collections of temporary exhibitors.  In addition to creating concentrations of related products in key existing categories, the sectionalizing also allows for the introduction of several categories new to Las Vegas Market.  

“These new categories will benefit buyers, offering a more streamlined, easy-to-shop experience,” said Pam Williams, director of tradeshows for International Market Centers. “The show floors will be much easier for buyers to navigate, and the introduction of new categories such as MADE and GLOBAL will further differentiate Gift + Home at Las Vegas Market.”


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