Thursday, November 29, 2012

Storis Introduces New Vision 9.1 Enhancements

STORIS, a supplier of software solutions and services to the home furnishings retail industry is distributing enhancements of its current product suite Vision9.1.

The manner in which companies engage customers and manage a database of customer-related information can vary greatly. Vision9.1 has expanded the features of its existing User-Definable Field options, which can be accessed from within the Customer’s Account file. With this updated capability the user can enter information that is specific to that retailer’s method of customer management.  Salespeople, designers, service personnel, or receivables/collections teams can access customized fields for entry of information that would otherwise be handwritten or provided by another business application. Because there is no limit to how many customized entry fields are indicated, the retailer can scale their business model to maximize the benefits of the Vision9.1 platform.

David Berger, Director of Product Management at STORIS indicated, “We want improvements that are easy for existing clients to quickly embrace. Offering customizable data entry is an ideal way for clients to maximize the scalability of their system for the purpose of tracking various tangents of customer information.”


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