Saturday, January 05, 2013

Upcoming Exhibitions At Dayton Art Institute

A trio of art exhibits commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Dayton flood will kick off the 2013 special exhibition schedule for The Dayton Art Institute.

The just-announced DAI calendar also will include a pair of summer exhibitions celebrating sports in art and will wrap up with an exhibition of medieval alabaster sculpture from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

In the fall of 2014, the museum will host an exhibition of Japanese art in the Deco style.

Associate Director Jane Black says she is looking forward to the new shows because the museum now has a new curator on board who can provide scholarship and interpretation and because there is a strong community connection with both the 1913 flood show and the summer sports-oriented exhibits.

“So many people in our community are so involved in sports,” Black says, adding this will be the first show curated by Aimee Marcereau DeGalan, the museum’s new curator of collections and exhibitions. “It’s our first look at what she can do.”

Here’s a summary of the museum’s upcoming shows:

  • The Three Exhibitions Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the 1913 Flood include “Storm: Paintings by April Gornik, “Watershed: 100 Years of Photography Along the Great Miami River” and ” Riverbank: Exploring Our River-Centered Development.” The three shows, produced in collaboration with community partners and the Miami Valley Conservancy District, will be on exhibit from Feb. 23-May 5 and aim to present the historic event in artistic ways. “Storm,” for example, will present large-scale paintings, “Watershed” is based on a new Conservancy District publication that contrasts historical images of the flood with contemporary photos by well-known Dayton photographer Andy Snow, and “Riverbank” consists of “images and information that capture development concepts and realities along the Great Miami River.”
  • “Andy Warhol: Athletes” and “The Art of Sport” will be on view June 22-Sept. 1. The Warhol show includes 10 silk-screen paintings from 1979 to the present of some of the most influential sports stars of the era, including boxer Muhammad Ali, football’s O.J. Simpson, ice skater Dorothy Hamill, basketball’s Kareem Abdul-Jabar, golfer Jack Nicklaus, ice hockey’s Rod Gilbert, tennis’ Chris Evert, horse racing’s Willie Shoemaker, baseball’s Tom Seaver and soccer’s Pelé. “The Art of Sport” includes 80 objects from the DAI’s own collection that relate to sports.
  • “Object of Devotion: Medieval English Alabaster Sculpture from the Victoria and Albert Museum” will be on display from Oct. 26-Jan. 5, 2014 and features 60 carved alabaster panels and free-standing figures that were displayed in the homes, chapels and churches of both aristocratic and non-aristocratic Christians in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • “Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920-1945” includes nearly 200 works featured from the Levenson collection — the world’s premier collection of Japanese art in the Deco style. You’ll see metalwork, ceramics, lacquer, glass, wood furniture, jewelry, textiles, graphic design on paper, painting and woodblock prints. According to museum officials, this marks the first display held outside Tokyo dedicated to Japanese Art Deco. It is organized and circulated by Art Services International, Alexandria, Va., which is also responsible for the Alabaster exhibit.

Source: Middletown Journal


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