Monday, May 20, 2013

Wendell Castle’s furniture art

Artist Wendell Castle, often called the father of the art furniture movement will be give his work to Kansas University's Spencer Museum of Art.Castle announced he will be giving "Nirvana" to the museum. The vivid blue polychromed fiberglass sculpture is expected at the museum within the year.
“We are delighted by the gift of this beautiful work by Wendell Castle, an American Master," museum director Saralyn Reece Hardy said in a news release. "The choice of 'Nirvana' represents his astonishing recent work and demonstrates his ever-expanding creative imagination and skill. Castle is one of KU's most respected alumni. We are grateful and so eager to share the work with students and the public.”
Four pieces from the museum's existing collection went on display and are expected to stay on view through July 28. They are “Hanging in the Balance” (2002), “Nefertiti” (2002), “Monty” (1994) and “Octagonal-Based Table” (1981).
 The polychromed fiberglass sculpture, entitled "Nirvana," was created in 2007. It is the third in a series of eight "Nirvana" chairs. KU honored Castle, who holds bachelor's and master's degrees from KU, with an honorary doctorate degree in 2013.
Castle already has honorary doctorates from three other colleges: St. John Fisher College, the State University of New York and Maryland Institute of Art. But, he says, receiving the honor from KU is the most personally meaningful.
“I have an awful lot of respect for the University of Kansas because it set me on this track where I am now,” Castle says. “Turns out that industrial design and sculpture was the perfect combination.”


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