Thursday, May 23, 2013

Art Van Furniture to aid Oklahoma victims

Art Van Furniture plans on teaming up with WDIV-TV's Ruth to the Rescue and Forgotten Harvest to aid victims of the May 20 tornado in Oklahoma.

The retailer will be collecting donations of food items with long shelf life and personal hygiene items at the metro Detroit stores. "Art Van Furniture is always eager to help those close to home as well as those touched by disaster outside of our community, when we heard about the tragedy in Oklahoma, our hearts went out to the victims and we teamed up with WDIV-TV and Forgotten Harvest to replenish some basic needs to those affected." said Art Van Elslander, founder and chairman of the Top 100 company.

Forgotten Harvest, a food rescue organization, will also be accepting cash donations. All items and cash collected will then go to provide food and relief items for victims, officials said.

"Art Van Furniture knows how giving the city of Detroit is, let's show the Oklahoma victims how giving we can be, whether it's one can of food or a cash donation, every little bit will be appreciated by those who have lost their homes and possessions." stated Van Elslander




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