Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saskatoon entrepreneur gives vintage furniture new life

Ricki Skoretz fixes then reupholsters couches, chairs and footstools at Hiddenstitch, a store she has opened Saskatoon.
Skoretz, with some help from a friend learned how to remake old furniture about two years ago.
"I begged her for years and she finally taught me how to do it," said Skoretz, who says she's collected vintage pieces for years. "My parents took me to auctions when I was young. So I've kind of been collecting my whole life."
She's rescued the furniture in her store from thrift stores, back alleys and the landfill. Some are also donated.
"It forces you to be a little more creative when you only have certain resources. You have to patch fabric together or mix and match because you only have a meter or two of each kind. So it just kind of helps you force your mind to work a little differently. Some are really quick and some take a really long time. I just did a chair for a client that had a metal frame and I had to hand sew every piece on, so that took probably about 15 hours, at least." said Skoretz.



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