Monday, May 27, 2013

Coleman Furniture Sets Customer Satisfaction standard

More and more consumers are shopping for furniture online nowadays. Since its initiation in 1999, Coleman Furniture has devoted itself to service and customer care. The service sales and customer service teams work around the clock to ensure that ordering furniture on their website is a flawless and educational experience. From before the order is placed, until the order is ready to be placed Coleman’s staff is dedicated to assisting and ensuring complete satisfaction.
Their commitment to customer service is not just a slogan to advocate, it is a proven reality. Recently,, the foremost online retailer review site, rated Coleman Furniture highest in customer satisfaction. “Our service to you, our customer, does not simply end when your order is placed,” says Bruce Krinsky, the company’s CEO. “It continues until your satisfaction is absolute.” The perfect customer satisfaction rating is not a reason for Coleman Furniture to sit back and smile at their success, feels Mr. Krinsky, “It is motivation for us to maintain our high standards of customer care, and inspiration for us continue improving our customer’s online shopping experience.”


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