Tuesday, October 22, 2013

LofaSofa Announces New Sofa-Bed is Made-to-Order in Canada

Mitch Wapen, owner of Lofa Sales International, has achieved success with his LofaBed, which completely redefines the traditional concept of futons, sofa sleepers, and Hide-A-Beds. His design combines a davenport base with a futon mattress, resulting in a practical and economical alternative to the traditional pullout sofa-bed. The LofaBed looks like a traditional upholstered piece of furniture, but instead incorporates an 8" buttoned futon mattress of standard dimensions, a storage compartment big enough to hold sheets, blankets and pillows, and an easy-to-use wall-hugging mechanism. And for those living in small spaces, the LofaBed can be "knocked down" for easy carrying and placement in locations too small for other sleepers.

Upon completion of his first design, Wapen went about marketing it through a network of retail furniture dealers in both Canada and the U.S. The problem was that the "landed" price, including freight, was simply too high for retailers to be competitive. So Wapen created a website, LofaSofa that offered the LofaBed at wholesale prices, directly to the North American consumer over the internet. What he found was a huge audience of customers who not only loved his invention because of its comfort and practicality, but also absolutely hated the bar-in-your back, heavy, and skinny mattress mentality of the existing array of sofa sleepers.


Source: PR Web


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