Saturday, November 16, 2013

Showroom Expansion at Ridge Home Furnishings

Ridge Home Furnishings expands showroom to better suit the needs of their customers, whether looking for the latest styles or forever pieces.

Ridge Home Furnishings is proud to announce their newly-expanded showroom. Many years ago the trend of buying furniture was more of a long-term investment than it tends to be today. Customers were mostly in search of high-end furniture that would last a family for years. Rewind to days long gone of rooms full of furniture covered with plastic. Furniture was a major family purchase and was meant to stay for a significant length of time.

Now it seems customers are seeking more mid-line quality furniture that can be easily replaced in a few years as the trends and styles of furniture continuously change. Lately, it seems people are leaning towards buying more budget-friendly pieces as opposed to the very high end product so that they can give their homes an instant makeover when they tire of the old.

The selection at Ridge Home Furnishings includes a variety of price points to suit any budget. If the customers’ needs can’t be met in the main showroom, they can venture up to the new loft and browse the selection of higher-end products that can be customized to taste in many styles and colors. The new larger showroom at Ridge Home Furnishings has expanded to now also carry children’s and teen furniture, in addition to the vast array of bedroom sets already available for purchase.

Whether searching for a top-of-the-line set or a more budget-friendly one to suit the kids heading off to college, Ridge Home furnishings has the largest variety of selections to choose from in Western NY. In search of a new dining room set? Customers can head on up to the newly-remodeled second floor portion of the expansion to browse hundreds of dining room sets. From large dining room tables, to Bistro styles with bar stools, if a customer can’t find a set to fit their tastes, there are plenty of catalogs to special order the perfect one for their home.


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