Thursday, February 27, 2014

EZMod Furniture Announces New Arrivals That Include Mounted Photographic Images announces a bounty of new arrivals for customers with an interest in furnishing or accessorizing any space well. The site now offers wall hangings in the form of well-proportioned mounted photographic images.

Softening the modern furnishing edge just a bit, now offers, amongst its newest arrivals, a bevy of mounted photographic images for customers looking to fill wall space. Numerously offered, the site brings specific locales to life by way of interesting photographic vantage points captured by creative photographers worldwide. No less than thirteen mounted photographs can be had on three out of four of the website’s New Arrivals pages. One need only sign on and pour over the offerings and begin the arduous task of choosing just one or two.

Vivian Du, President of said of the modern furnishings website’s new arrivals, “ We have quite a few new things for our customers this time around. Everything from a Pryor inspired loveseat bench to a Tillman inspired display shelf. That said, our newest venture into wall hangings are just breathtaking with originality. Hanging our new photography is the next best thing to being there.”

Mounted photography offered in diptych style include “Majesty” which captures the Eiffel Tower from an ominous ground view in black and white. Equally enrapturing but with a symmetrical approach is the “Rocky Shore” mounted image reminiscent of Carmel, California also in black and white. This accessory highlights wind shaped trees jutting out over a seascape with rocks resting in oceanic repose. For a French inspired full-color image EZMod offers their “French Chateaux” photo which portrays an expansive reflecting pool for added emphasis. All offered at the new arrival price of $69.99 other photographic images include “Autumnal Boulevard” awash with glorious yellows, oranges and reds and “Glorious Giraffes” with the same color influences. “Manhattan” gives one the feeling of flying over New York City skyscrapers to a blue, billowy cloud-filled horizon. Also offered are the calm reprisals of “Desert Solitude”, “Canoes”, “Mountains” and “Horizon” all in stunning colors that pop with intention. “Iconic Italy” is offered in black and white and puts one in the mind of a 1950s film with a gondolier piloting an iconic gondola. Rounding out the offerings are “Waters” for solitude, “Grecian Crossroads” for the traveler at heart and “Zebras” for a safari-like romp on a Savannah.


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