Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mercury Rising by Currey & Company

Mercury glass is having a bit of a moment right now! It seems to be everywhere. Silvered glass was first patented in 19th century Europe with large productions coming from glassworks in the Bohemian Forest. Originally double-walled glass coated with silver on the interior, mercury glass contains neither silver nor mercury. Instead, a liquid silver nitrate solution is used to create the silver effect. The same solution is used to create everyday household mirror Currey & Company’s Design Team has reinterpreted mercury glass with the introduction of five new chandeliers and lanterns.

The glass on the new lighting fixtures has been manipulated with solvents to partially remove the silvering and has added antique washes to create warm, metallic tones. The Florence Chandelier is a beautiful combination of metal work and mirror that has been finished to have transparency and the in termittent patterns of mercury glass. Mouth-blown glass captured in a square wrought iron cage is used to create the Marmande Lantern.

The blown glass interior is finished in the same way as the Florence Chandelier along with the addition of an antique gold wash.


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