Tuesday, June 10, 2014

molo Showcases Its New Design at NeoCon 2014

NeoCon opened on June 9, 2014 and molo has showcased a new installation by founders/designers Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen. It is built entirely from molo’s flexible textile and paper partitions (softwall + softblock), expandable paper seating (softseating), and molo’s new paper benchwall + thinwall modular system. All of the products are based upon a flexible and expandable honeycomb structure, and belong to molo’s soft collection.

 molo’s products used to create the space come in a compressed form, making the installation very compact to begin with (and reducing the carbon footprint of transport). From only a few inches thick, the products expand up to 100 times their length.

There is a well-conceived flow to the space molo has created at NeoCon. Rounded walls made with benchwall + thinwall create movement from one space to the next. With multiple ways to enter and move through the space, the sightlines into the booth are an important consideration in its design, which only begins to fully show its structure as you enter the space.

As NeoCon is an exhibition dedicated to the contract market, the installation further shows the achievements and technical benefits that have made the soft collection such a success in office, retail, and other commercial interiors. In addition to flexibility and adaptability, the natural sound absorption of the products can be heard when walking through the installation lined with softwalls, benchwalls, and thinwalls. All of the paper furniture in molo’s installation is also treated with an environmentally friendly salt-based fire retardant – standard for all of molos’ paper products – which makes the designs suitable and safe for any sort of public or private installation.


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