Thursday, June 12, 2014

Primo Orpilla to Speak at 7th annual CET Designer User Conference

Configura, maker of CET Designer software, announced on June 9, that Primo Orpilla will keynote its 7th annual CET Designer User Conference. Orpilla is a cofounder and principal of Studio O+A, a San Francisco-based interior design firm known for technology clients eBay, Facebook, PayPal and Yelp.

Configura Support and Training Manager Tracy Lanning said. Orpilla will talk about how technology and demographics in the last decade have converged to change the way people work and live. He will address that change in his wide-ranging review of the workplace typologies, the varieties of space types and architectural motifs that contribute to a successful work environment.

In 2011, Contract magazine named Studio O+A Designers of the Year. Orpilla is a leader in “democratic design,” with an emphasis on each client’s workplace culture. “I think a good designer is a storyteller, ideally a ‘ghostwriter,’” Orpilla said. “In many ways, clients want to weave the fabric of their story into their space. A designer should have many voices and points of view.”

Configura made the announcement during the annual NeoCon World’s Trade Fair in Chicago. Orpilla, at NeoCon to present at the show, stopped by Configura’s space at NeoCon to meet with company leaders and showroom visitors.

CET Designer users at NeoCon can stop by Configura’s space, 8-3062, to enter to win a free trip to the user conference.

The 7th annual CET Designer User Conference will be held Oct 22-23 at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Mich. This is the second year in a row that the conference will be held in West Michigan, which is home to the world’s largest office furniture manufacturers, including Steelcase and Haworth.

Additional conference highlights include a state of the industry presentation and breakout sessions for designers, IT and dealer management. CET Designer “power-user” instructors will share their techniques and best practices in implementing and using the software.



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