Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Agio Signed Lease with Las Vegas

Leading outdoor furniture manufacturer Agio International has signed a lease with, and will be a part of, the Las Vegas Market starting in July 2015. This long-term lease will find Agio International anchoring the 12th floor of Building C in a new 22,000 square foot showroom as part of the Casual Furnishings category launch.

Agio will begin build-out and make substantial upgrades in the physical space, including reconfiguring walls to improve the sightlines and make a prominent statement to visitors arriving on the 12th Floor. The display space will feature the same assortment of collections in Agio’s current 19,000-sq. ft. gallery in Chicago.

“This new showroom will help us reach an incremental retailer base that does not attend category specific shows,” said Bob Gaylord, President of Agio-USA. “Las Vegas Market attracts the traditional furniture and lifestyle stores, big box, catalog, and internet retailers, which aligns with our future growth plans. We currently show in High Point and Chicago’s Merchandise Mart to target these channels, but the Las Vegas Market will allow us to grow our business even further.”

Agio-USA is celebrating its twenty-fifth year in business in 2014.  As the largest outdoor furniture supplier in the United States, Agio offers unmatched selections of  dining, deep-seating and chat group collections made from extruded and cast aluminum along with all-weather wicker sets. Agio continues to lead the way with outdoor fire, a category it ignited years ago with its legendary portable gas fire pits.

“Having an industry leader like Agio at the Las Vegas Market reinforces our strategy of growing the Casual furniture offering here and reassures us that the timing is perfect for the industry’s needs,” said Craig Staack, vice president of home furnishings leasing for International Market Centers. “More and more traditional furniture retailers are recognizing the benefit of adding outdoor collections to their product mix, and this will allow those buyers to fulfill their buying needs at one market rather than adding another buying trip to their schedule.”

In July 2015, Las Vegas Market will launch 250,000 square feet of fully built-out permanent showroom and temporary exhibit space on the 12th and 13th floors in Building C devoted solely to the casual/outdoor category. “With the timing of our summer market lining up perfectly with the sales cycle of this growing segment, we wanted to set our partners up for success and launch these new floors when we were able to make the most positive impact. We’re committed both organizationally and financially to the success of our partners and want to give them a platform for future growth,” said Staack.


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