Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Study by Design Research Shows How Color is Changing in the American Kitchen

Color preferences are changing in the American kitchen, according to a new release of the on-going The American Living Survey (TALS). While neutral whites and beiges continue to be dominant, yellow is growing fastest as a primary kitchen color, up 57% nationally versus 2013. Yellow’s uptick is coming at the expense of green which has enjoyed a five year run but is now trending down, according to the survey of 600 American households.

The survey also looks at market segments. Generation Y consumers are demonstrating very specific preferences with nearly 44% of those surveyed identifying white as the color they prefer. Generation Y is also the group that most prefers black as an accent color because it is the strongest compliment to their preferred white. Black accents are also more preferred by men than women, urban versus suburban or rural households and southern households.

The American Living Survey™ is a unique tool that enables product development and marketing executives to look to the future with more certainty. TALS delivers a profile of how Americans are living today, how taste and styles are changing, and what consumers are seeking in the future. It can guide not only design direction, but influence everything from specific products to marketing. Wave three of The American Living Survey focused on Kitchen Purchasing habits.

The strength of the data and the analysis of the information is the key resource of the study. “Lots of color resources will name the color of the year or prepare predictions as to what next year’s colors will be,” says Richard Babick, President of Design Research. “That’s great to a point. Those resources don’t tell you what percentage of the market those colors represent and they don’t tell you which consumer segments like which colors. The American Living Survey does just that.”


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