Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Luxury Beds by Phyllis Morris Among World's Largest

Six decades of creating luxury furniture in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District has earned Phyllis Morris a special place in the world of bespoke furnishings. The newest edition of Middle East based publication Luxury has cast a spotlight on the company's completely handcrafted beds that are larger than life not only in their size, but also in their luxe appointments such as draperies, swags, gold or silver leaf finishes and such amenities as lighted canopy interiors and plasma TV lifts in their foot boards.

Since the company's launch in 1953, the clientele of Hollywood A-list celebrities began to grow to eventually include royalty, international industrialists, billionaires and people of intrigue and mystery who have sought out custom-made furniture to suit their lifestyles and unique tastes. Ms. Phyllis Morris founded the company with the philosophy of making every piece by hand, one at a time and today that philosophy is carried on by Morris' daughter Jamie Adler who heads the company as its president and brand director.

"There is no request too outrageous or too unusual," says Adler from her N. Robertson Boulevard office at the company's one and only showroom in West Hollywood, "which is why so many people fly in from around the globe to request that we make their furniture." Recently, a Middle Eastern princess visited the company's showroom to check in on her Hollywood-inspired furniture destined for her palatial desert abode. Typical of the lifestyles of the rich and famous is the size of their homes, with some up to 25,000 square feet which have been filled with gold-leafed and silk-swathed furnishings from Phyllis Morris.

Clients come to the West Hollywood showroom from such countries as India, Russia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia and more, mainly because there is "a demand for handcrafted and handmade luxury furnishings, especially from California," notes Adler. "The allure of Los Angeles and Hollywood is as strong as it ever was," she goes on to say. "We are at the center of creative fantasies that are reflected in films, television shows, street fashion and the free and uninhibited lifestyles that people from abroad associate with life in California."

And the price of those fantasies -- be it a Rolls Royce, a diamond-encrusted watch, a yacht, a polo pony or a $100,000 bed -- comes with the territory of living a larger-than-life lifestyle. "Our clients know exactly what they want and we can create it for them," says Adler, "which explains why we have been a global source for so many decades. With so many U.S. furniture companies outsourcing their goods, we can proudly say that our furniture is made by hand here in Los Angeles. Some of our craftspeople are second generation with our company, which makes it all the more special."

The recent article in Luxury magazine (based in Jordan) points out that creating such furniture as the $100,000 De Medici Canopy Bed takes time -- even in today's world of instant gratification. The master carvers at Phyllis Morris are constantly busy, as there is never a "slow" season for luxury furniture as Adler is quick to point out. "Our typical lead time is about 12 weeks -- but then, that is about the same lead time when ordering a custom Rolls Royce. And we often share the same clientele."


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