Monday, January 30, 2012


One of the most celebrated thing in the world, it expresses joviality, it portrays life, without it you don’t really like to live; we are talking about colors.

Color plays on the psyche of the consumer, to personalize the piece of furniture in one’s room, a suitable color is the most crucial. When most of the trend forecasters around the world are having a tough time to analyze the trend in demand every season, we have Mark Woodman to tell us what’s in a color!

Mark is one of America's best-respected color specialists and forecasters, and a spirited and accomplished speaker, making him the ideal USA spokesperson for Global Color Research. His design accomplishments range from private residences to coloring an entire streetscape in Charleston, South Carolina. The Associated Press even tapped him to create a design for one of the famous White House public rooms, reflecting the new spirit of the Obama family. He brought to life the historic colors of George Washington's Mount Vernon and created The Colors of Historic Charleston, The Carolina Low Country Collection and the Nashville Collection. His bio is further enriched with his frequently delivered lectures and presentations at the leading furniture and design fairs staged across the world.

'Theme' color for the furniture industry                                    
I think there is more a theme "look" than a specific color. That stated, it is influencing the colors. The look is one of loved and worn items. They may be reclaimed and recycled but they aren't tattered. Aged woods, softened leather and roughened finishes are taking on a slightly more refined edge. These "heirloom pieces" evoke memories and positive images. The colors emerging are dusted, shadowy and slightly softened around the edges. Sepia-tone, color-infused charcoal and veiled green and yellow blend with the greyed quality of timeworn woods and leathers and keep become a look that is both familiar and new at the same time.                                                     

Color and Branding
I see more and more the importance of color to a brand. It can take a while for it to mesh in the minds of consumers, however, if it applied judiciously and in the right ways, a color can come to symbolize a brand almost as much as the typography and graphic elements. Often, if you break down the elements of a company logo to simple shapes and colors, consumers still recognize what who it is. For international brands it could be the brown and gold of Louis Vuitton, the red of Coca Cola or the blue and white of BMW.

Trend forecast for the coming season
Our desire for the aforementioned loved and worn pieces will continue, but with a twist of the "digital" and contemporary thrown into the mix. It can't be about one look, rather a curated aesthetic of items old and new, working together that serve both a design and everyday function. In that, there are colors of red, orange brown that glow like embers and sharp, pop colors such as yellow, green and pink that could have leapt from your computer monitor. It is our heirloom and technology desires that spark the continuous melding of the seemingly disparate looks.


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